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Lucky Rifles

I've owned a couple of rifles that turned out to be "Lucky" ones for me. I've hunted with numerous rifles that fit well, carried well and were always up to the task at hand, as long as I was too. But I've owned less than a handful of rifles that turned out to be really lucky for me, in the extreme.

My personal definition of a "lucky" rifle is one that seemed to bring me good fortune immediately upon using it. Here's a couple examples. I purchased a new Marlin 336ER in the mid eighties that made it's first hunting trip in Maine. The first morning I carried that new rifle afield, I actually missed a long shot at a buck. Flat out missed.

For those familiar with hunting central and north Maine, you know missing a buck is a big deal, because simply seeing one is also a pretty big deal. So, yes, I was dejected and was still sulking when I climbed up a tree that afternoon in a borrowed Baker climber. Of all things, about an hour later another buck appeared and then still another, an instant later.

I lined up on the close buck and dropped that husky 8 point in his tracks with that new .356. First day of hunting, a nice buck was taken with it.

The second such rifle was a BLR in .308. Sitting in a newly placed ladder stand one November afternoon in Tennessee, it dropped a very nice Tennessee 9 point in it's tracks. First day in the woods, a really nice harvest with it!

Third was a very nice pre '64 M70 Featherweight in .270. It turned out to be the most accurate .270 I own when I found it's load of choice, a plain old 150gr Win PP load. It shot cloverleafs at 100 yds with that load and a simple 4X Burris scope. My very first morning in the woods with it, I happened to turn and see a buck standing less than 70 yds away.

No way he walked to that position as I'd been sitting scanning the woodlot. When he plunked down I knew the answer to that riddle, he'd obviously already been bedded there when I walked to my stand in the pre dawn darkness (his other bed showed me that afterwards). I very slowly turned to my right and stood in my treestand to get a proper angle. The shot anchored that chunky little Tennessee 8 point in his bed.

My third rifle that had taken a nice deer on the first day it had ever hunted!

What's your lucky rifle? Care to share it with us?  Yes

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I've had two you might call

I've had two you might call "lucky". First was my old Remington mod 660 in 308. It was my go to rifle for a long time and has killed a boat load of deer. My son has it now. After it came my remington mod 700ADL in 25-06. Still have it. Haven't hunted big game a lot in several years but do have a new mod 70 featherweight in 6.5x55 that I really like carrying. Has a new Redfield 2-7x scope on it. Probably one of the best though out rifles I've ever owned.

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how about un-lucky?

I have carried a 30-06 that was given to me on several hunts. 

Only ONE was successful and that was a gut shot impala. 

I'm beginning to think that that rifle is UNLUCKY!

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Mine would have to be my .338

Mine would have to be my .338 Win mag..(shocker I know).  I have taken 4 elk, 2 mule deer, and 3 antelope with it.  I have only missed one animal with it and it was a cow elk at about 175 yards, but I can tell you that the tree behind her felt the pain of the heavy magnum.  Something about this gun just gives me alot of confidence.  After I got this gun I was so worried about the recoil I spent alot of time at the range getting the know "her".  the that following season I killed a elk at 355 yards with one clean shot thru the heart. Ever since then I have a hard time choosing a different gun from the safe. 

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Remington Sportsman 78 in

Remington Sportsman 78 in .270 is mine, with a 788 Remington .243 in there also.

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Lucky rifle or Lucky hunter?

I have 5 rifles that I could call "lucky" as together they have accounted for over 150 big game animals for me.

The first lucky rifle would also be my first centerfire rifle.  It started as a Herter's U-9 .30-06 that I used for my first half dozen or so elk, an equal number of mule and whitetail deer, and a few pronghorn antelope.  I then had it re chambered to .30 Gibbs and used it for another 20+ elk, 2 moose, an Alaskan caribou, and a mountain goat.

My second "lucky" rifle would be my .257 Ackley.  I built it in the late 70's, the same time that I converted my .30-06 to .30 Gibbs.  I've used this rifle to kill a pronghorn antelope and either a mule or whitetail deer almost every year that I've had it, plus a bull elk, a Dall and 3 bighorn rams, a mountain caribou, and a wolverine.

Next would be my 7 mm Rem mag in a model 700 Remington.  With it's (modified) factory plastic stock, its the only big game rifle that I use that I didn't build a stock for, but it's great for hunting in nasty weather.  I've taken it to Africa twice where it got me a pile of different African antelope, in Canada it got me a B&C caribou and a B&C musk ox on the same trip.  And at home in Montana it has put pronghorn antelope and elk in my freezer.

My fourth "lucky" rifle is my .375 RUM also in a model 700 Remington.  In it's two trips to Africa, it put a cape buffalo and 17 plains game animals "in the salt."

My last "lucky" rifle is also the last one that I built, a .300 Weatherby Vanguard.  I've only shot 4 bullets at game animals with this rifle, but they provided 3 Texas exotics to my taxidermist and put a Montana bull elk in my freezer.  I'm looking forward to taking this rifle with me to Africa this summer.


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Can't say I've had 'lucky' rifles...

I have certainly had rifles I've been more successful with.. but lucky?  Ummm, not really.

Truth is that what I would consider my 'luckiest' rifle is not even CLOSE to the one I've taken the most deer with... I give it that moniker because my 'best' hunts seem to have taken place with it in hand.  My best hunts, by the way, I don't define necessarily by success in bagging game.  I'm weird.  Big smile

Perhpas in a similar vein... not using 'lucky'... I DO have rifles that I will favor because they have NOT been very successful in bagging game... due to many reasons.  For instance, I have a 7mm that I have 'taken' hunting but have never actually hunted WITH... I OWE that rifle a deer.  Big smile

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I am not sure how one defines

I am not sure how one defines a "lucky" rifle but the rifle that I have the most confidence in and that I have taken the most deer with since I have owned it is a Remington Model 7 in .260 Rem with a Leupold VXIII 2.5X8 power scope.

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Mine is a remington 700

Mine is a remington 700 mountain rilfe in 25/06.

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Do you call it a lucky rifle

Do you call it a lucky rifle or one that you have the most confidence in? 

For me it would be my .340 Weatherby.  Every shot that I have taken with that rifle at a game animal has hit that animal.  I have taken shots anywhere from 50 yards out to further than I like to say with it and it has never failed me.  Even my nephew used it one time and couldn't believe what it was capable of doing when he downed a bull elk with it.  Now you can call it luck or confidence but I do know that if I do my part that the rifle will do its part. 

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My lucky rifle is an old

My lucky rifle is an old Remington 760 gamemaster in 30-06.  I began using this gun when I was 14 years old as a hand-me-down gun from my father.  It's an ugly, well used gun....a gun I know very well and have a bunch of confidence when shooting it.  I can't imagine going to the gun safe and pulling out any other gun to go after elk or deer.

I also have a sentimental gun.  It's an old 30-30 model 94 Winchester.  That gun killed my first animal, a mule deer, when I was but 10 years old.  It's also the gun my son used to kill his first deer in 2010.  I don't use it much anymore (haven't really used it much since I was 14), but it sure means a lot to me. 

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