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Luckes Custom Calls

About Us
We are Lucke Custom Calls and have been the leading source of custom made game calls since 2005.

We are serious outdoorsmen who know the importance of quality gear and accessories. For many years, we search for the perfect selection of game and predator calls but always came up short. So, the most logical thing to do was to create such a source since we couldn't find a satisfactory one for our needs.

We are located in scenic Northeast PA; a haven for dedicated hunters and outdoorsmen alike.

We finally created (over years of trial and error) the supplies that we were lacking and are now proud of our own, successful designs.

Our journey started as just creating what we wanted in calls and now we share with other like-minded hunters.

Our pride is composed of 3 hunters/craftsmen in search of the perfect calls. If it isn't good enough for us, then it will never make it to you.

Why look any further?

We offer the finest game and predator calls guaranteed to be:
- constructed from the absolute finest materials available (some materials shipped in from other areas because they don't exist here - exotic woods shipped in from all over the world).
- custom Hand-made calls to order and shipped within 24 hours of completion.
- all made with dedicated, expert craftsmanship.
- the lowest prices available anywhere on the web or off for the quality offered.
- shipped domestic or internationally insured to reach your door.

If you don't believe us, feel free to compare prices and quality of competitors before you decide. You won't be disappointed and your satisfaction is number 1 over sales.

Feel free to contact with any comments, orders, concerns or questions at [email protected].

or go to the website

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