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Louisiana HOGs

Anyone with any hints for tricking the smartest hogs I've ever seen?
I have 2 hog traps and 800 acres with hogs. All last year we baited the traps, but we cant catch asingle hog. I tried all sorts of bait, from store bought to home made. We located the most rooted up areas to place the traps, but no luck. The area of the traps, we had to take down our deer feeders because the hogs were knocking them down.

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Louisiana HOGs

Hey Backstrap,

First and foremost, HOGS, in my neck of the woods here in North Lousiana. Root all the time. and of course tear up the world. I suggest this.... Dont put your traps near the rooting areas.... WHY? cause the hogs already been there ate everything there was to eat(and tore up your feeders to boot).

SO.................. pattern the hogs as we do with Deer, turkeys, etc. HECK I even pattern Squirrels.. LOL...You will find 2 very important things.

HOGS root for food(we know that of course)....or to just be hogs

The trails leading to the rooting... Hogs actually pattern alot easier than Squirrel's..I think it is because of their big HOG feet.(srry my attempt at a joke)

the trails and prints are the key......back-track the trails...find the area with the LEAST amount of rooting. WHY? well, that is because if you just place the trap at a rooting area. How many before that area? are fresh that day. the hogs are full and ignore your traps... find between the beddin areas and the rooting areas and you will have more success.

Also, in the dog days of summer, you can do as I have done on my DEER lease(hog infested..LOL)....and build a small MUD HOLE....my few are 10' x 10'....right off the trails....where I have caught many a hog....Bad part is you have to manually keep it muddy when no rain. Not having the time of course to drive the 20 miles one way to my lease. I have an automatic system for watering. which is being patented I hope. Works for food plots and of course watering holes.

Also, my louisiana brother before I leave you. my I suggest a website for you:
(just click the link)


I know this is a very very very late post. But I am new here and i hope you do read this.

thanks for your time

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