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This is my beagle Naomi. She was 13 yrs old. She wasn't much of a hunting dog, but she would run chipmunks with the patience and resilence of the highest trained coon hounds. She would run from one end of a pipe to the other and sit at a gutter down spout for hour just waiting for those ground squirrels to run out. She wasn't a show dog at 36lbs she was big and she wasn't a grand champion or anything like that. She never won any awards or hunting trials but she was my dog , my buddy, my best friend. On friday July 1st when I pulled into my drive way at 10pm she run under our boat trailer and her hips were crushed as well as her left rear leg. The vet said she also had nerve damage so she didn't feel anything. At 11:45 on friday night my dog was put to sleep as I held her in my arms I could only think of all my times with her. We burried her under an old oak tree on a hill overlooking our pastures beind our house. This is in a way a chance to say a final goodbye and share our story with all of you.

So to Naomi my faithful friend Goodbye.

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I know how you feel. a few years back we had one of our beagles die of cancer and it was tarble she was the best strike dog we had and would retrev the rabbits for us and all the other hounds wanted to do was eat it but she would not. we where so sad when she dided. now i have a hound thats 10yrs old and i know someday she not goin to be around.


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Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Be sure to remember those good times and be sure to jump into the pool again with another pup who deserves all the love you showed Naomi. I can think of no better way to honor her memory.

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Bum deal. Sorry about your dog.

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sorry bout your dog

I also believe in the one shot one kill policy

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