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Looking for work

Hello all, My name is Brent and I am looking for somone to hire me as a guide,camp jack,ranch hand etc... I understand I would have to start somwhere so any position would do. I want the chance to start a life out west,Im currently living in NW virginia and have been out west a few times and was totally captivated by the experiences.Im growing tired of the east coast and need somthing new elsewhere.I have been going to school full time, studying resouce managment. I have been hunting and fishing since I could walk.Im experienced with horses,camping,cooking and most of all to hunt and fish.My self profile is Im 22 years old,6'3" 220 pounds,I have lived on the east coast all my life in the alleganey mountains.I would appreciate any response,Thanx

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Looking for work

I can't offer a job but perhaps a suggestion or two.

Picking up a job doing outfitting alone may be tough because of the seasonal nature of hunting. However you could move out west and work in the cities, then use your weekends to dig around the wantads of some of the smaller community papers or check with the local chambers of commerce. This method could put you into some local contacts.

You may also want to consider getting a job in something other than the outdoor industry then use your weekends and vacation time to get out. You don't necessarily have to have a job in the outdoors to enjoy the outdoors. Just a thought....

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Looking for work

I agree with Bit on the seasonal nature of outfitting/guiding, however many ranches do hire ranch hands and then those hands also help out during hunting seasons.

Your best bet to find work of that type would be to maybe contact the Job Service, some ranchers do use that to post their jobs, or pick up small town newspapers, many have an online version now, so you should be able to search via the web.

On the western slope of Colorado I frequently see ads for sheep herders too! But you know what that means don't you? You literally live out of a sheep camp for several months on some remote mountain!

Good luck in your search!

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Looking for work

we hire a few guys every year for our operation in outfitting. We will train if you have the motivation and desire to learn the trade. This is for elk and mule deer wilderness camps and consists of about nine weeks in the mountains here. If interested please e-mail us and visit our site at http://www.timberlineoutfitters.net

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