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Looking for wild birds!

Hey all!
I'm hoping that someone can help me with finding wild pheasant. Let me clarify. I live in Illinois near St. Louis. We have DNR run state ground to hunt pheasants, but they are cage raised birds that are let out just prior to the hunt. It can be fun as long as you don't mind ducking shot from the other hunters.
Anyway, my step-dad is coming up from TX in late Dec. or possibly Jan., and wants to go after some roosters and maybe some quail. I've been able to take him one time and that was alright, but I would like to find some wild birds. Even if it would be on state ground I think the hunt would be more fun if the birds were wild.
I was told that I would need to go north of Springfield in order to find wild birds, but really have no idea as to how to find someplace to hunt. Any help would be appreciated. In all honesty I would really love to find some private ground to hunt even if it was a one time deal.

Thanks, and enjoy life and all that God has given us!