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Looking to trade for a hunt in WY 2006

Hey all! new to the site ,looks like loads of great info. I have been kicking around the idea of chaseing muleys and antelope in WY next year. Not big on paying a guide 1 because of funding 2 I get a little more out of a DO IT YOURSLEF hunt.

I live in ID and can offer a trade for deer (muleys or whitetail) elk, bear with hounds or bait, antelope, and turkeys are a dime a dozen. I also have family in AK and could work something out there. I have hunted there 3 times and been succesful and for a cheap price. I archery, rifle, and muzzleloader hunt so anything is a option.

Anyone who might be interested or even some tips on hunting area's would be great. Eastmans hunting mag talks about unit G alot but would be open to anything. I have a pile of pics for those who are interested

Thanks Muley Crazzy

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Looking to trade for a hunt in WY 2006

I have got a large place in California. Lots of boar. Also blacktial deer. I am looking for a bear hunt next year.