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Looking for some slug gun suggestions.....

Where I live in PA - gun season has to be a slug gun.  Most shots will be 50-60 yds, but some locations, shots would be as far as 125 yds.

Looking for suggestions on make/model for slug gun.....

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Slug guns

I must first say that I don't normally hunt with a slug gun any more and haven't for about 10 years. I have taken many deer with slug guns and still have a couple, one a Browning A-5 with a Hastings rifled barrel, the other a Tkka combo S/G & rifle, a smoothbore with scope. So, a high tech slug hunter, I am not. 

I have read some good things lately about the Savage slug guns including their fairly new 20ga version. Here's a link that should provide some information for you.

Best of luck!!



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