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Looking for a new gun Moose hunt

I currently own a tikka 30-06 and I want to go to a larger calibre im looking at the 7mm ultramag but im wondering if here may be a better choice? i want to have accuracy at long range but also hitting power.I would like to hear What did you shoot? at what range? what calibre? how many shots etc.. e-mail address is [email protected]

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Looking for a new gun Moose hunt

Hi There:

I used this same post for another chap on moose guns.

Not a thing wrong with using a 30-06 or a 270 for moose.
My wife shot one @ 240 yds. 14 pt bull, nice animal with her 270.
You can see her, gun and moose at the bottom of managers page on our website http://www.GanderRiver.com
Over the years we have had more trouble with people coming hunting over gunned than under gunned.
A lot of people who are used to shooting 243's come with 300's or bigger and have trouble.
Give me a flat shooting gun, a 270 or 7mm every time over big power. The heart lung area on a moose is 16" square, all you have to do is hit it once, not put three shots in the same hole.

People who use guns that hurt them, tend to flinch or close their eyes when they fire. We get a lot of gut shots and a lot of misses from folks using these bigger guns.

The only reason I like the 270, 7 mm and 300 win. is that they don't have a big drop when range is mis-judged. This happens often.

This is based on 20+ years in outfitting business, 20+ hunters a year.


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Looking for a new gun Moose hunt

The 7mm RUM is as flat and as accurate as you will get or need. It is very similar to the 7 STW. Both are hard hitting, long range calibres but they do kick.