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Looking for lands, Eastern Ontario

Good day,
We are two hunters presently looking for lands to hunt deer and wild turkey in Eastern Ontario. I am the owner of the Aventure Chasse & Pêche magazine, a French Canadian magazine about hunting and fishing. I am also a hunting maniac. We hunt for pleasure, but also to make professionnal animal picture for the magazine.

If you are a land owner that has land available or you know someone that is stuck with a high concentration of deer (farmers), we would really like to get in contact with them or yourself. Thank you.

Denis Lapointe
Phone: (418) 774-4443
[email protected]

Location: Smiths Falls, Ontario Canada
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Looking for lands, Eastern Ontario

We have 200 forested acres south of Ottawa between North Gower and Smiths Falls, with deer, wild turkey and other animals. Unlike a lot of this area, we DO allow hunters on our land, write us at: [email protected]
Visit us at: http://www.whitetails.ca

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