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Looking for hunting in MD....

 This may fall on deaf ears but here it goes.... I am new to Maryland living in Charles County. I am looking for some friendly folks to waterfowl hunt with this fall. I hail from Southern Illinois, where my family still owns and operates a waterfowl hunting club. I have guided and assisted in the daily operations of that club for nearly 20 yrs. Needless to say, Duck and Goose Hunting is in my DNA. I am equally "ate up with" bowhunting, especially traditional archery. Looking forward to here from you guys!!!  Hello

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    I'm not sure how close you are but I hunted pretty boy reservoir and Monocacy reservior in Md and both held a good amount of deer and were open to the public.  I never had an issue with other hunters either.  I mean, you'll see them but there's plenty of room.  As far as waterfowl that's a little tougher.  With guiding the way it is in Md it seems as though just about every field or farm down there is already leased.  Sorry I couldn't be more of a help with that one.