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Looking for Guide in IL for 2005

Hey Everyone: I'm new to the forum, so I apologize if this is in the wrong spot (I also apologize for the crosspost to the Midwest section). I purchased my non-resident IL tags and then went for a week with a guide I had never been with before (yep, it's one of those stories). Anyway, I left with my tags unfilled. I'm looking to find a decent guide that's not too expensive that might have some openings for a decent hunt yet in 2005 for archery. I don't need to kill a P&Y, and I don't mind filling my antlerless tag. But, I would have to fly to this hunt, and so I don't also don't want another bad experience, tons of travel for a spike, or an enclosed ranch that charges trophy fees. I know--I'm asking a lot. Any guide out there have any openings or anyone have any confidence in a guide I should look at? Because I'm going to have to travel whereever I go in IL, I don't really care where in the state. Please message me. Thanks! DocRef