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Looking to get into Hunting

I am 18 and was wanting to get into hunting. i have wanted to start for a long time, but havent had the opportunity. i am moving to the mountains of Boone, NC and will finally have a chance! i have a few questions which i need answered. 1. is it a better idea to start out hunting with a rifle, then move to bow hunting? (i would imagine u have to be much closer for bow hunting) 2. what bow is a good beginners bow? i think i would like to use a primitive bow, but was wondering if they are much harder to use than compound bows? any help appreciated. thanks!

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Looking to get into Hunting

Rifle or bow - really a personal choice. I do both, but prefer bow hunting. It requires more practice with the bow and you have to really pay attention to scent, stand placement and camo so you can get close enough for a shot.

Of course, making a 200 or longer shot with a rifle is a challenge too and does take practice.

Now, it takes lots of practice to shoot a long or recurve bow instinctly than a compound bow with sights.

Lots of good bows on the market, just don't get one that is too heavy to pull.

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Looking to get into Hunting

With 39 years of hunting with rifle, pistol, shotgun and bow. Bow and arrow is my preferred choice. Be it longbow, recurve or compound.
If you go with the primitive or longbow or any bow, for that matter. Be sure that the bow meets the poundage requirement of the state you are hunting in.
Example: Washington has a 40 pound minimum at the hunters draw length for all hunting. Oregon has a 50 pound minimum for Elk and 40 pounds for everything else. At least, it was the last time I checked.
Most primitive and longbow hunting is held to within 20 yds to target. Recurves to within 30 yards and compounds to within 60 yards. There are exceptions.
Firearm hunting is great fun but, for me, nothing beats the challenge of bow hunting.
Have fun doin' it.

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