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Looking for a bird dog training school in Central Wisconsin

Hi All, I hope you can help. I just bought my husband a chocolate lab for his b'day. She is currently 14 weeks old and loves the pheasant wing that we toss and she retrieves it no problem. However, I think my husband is not training her correctly as this is his first bird dog. I would like to sign him up to get trained as a Valentines presents, but I've been looking for about 4 weeks, it was to be a Christmas but that didn't work out. So does anyone know of any training or clubs that can give my husband guidance as Katie is already trained she is such smart girl, but you know men can be so stubborn.

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Looking for a bird dog training school in Central Wisconsin

Welcome to the BGH forum!

I would recommend the following to locate some training in your area:

1) check with your vet, they're always an excellent resource for info
2) ask the breeder where you purchased your puppy, I'm sure they've had other folks ask this same question
3) ask around at sporting clubs or sporting good stores

There are also excellent books available for doing it completey yourself. Make sure the book is specific to your breed, since all dogs have different personality traits.

Good luck!

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Looking for a bird dog training school in Central Wisconsin

Wow, you are in the heart of the retriever world, ummm, bunch of trainers in that area, one of th ebest young dog trainers is Jim Vanegan not sure if last name is spelled correctly, he owns right start kennel in sheboygan, leslie donnaldson she is donnybrook kennel, in outside sheboygan falls, easyist way is to go to http://www.working-retrievercentral this is a huge retriever site, it will be a start, man lots of excellent trainers in wis, the ones I mentioned, tell them jonesy recommended. Thanks Dave Jones Jonesy's Gun Dogs all breed bird dogs, and retrievers Berea, Ky Thanks Jonesy

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Looking for a bird dog training school in Central Wisconsin

You mentioned a phesant wing so I guess your a waterfowl widow who's husband also hunt's some upland birds. Also it's his first dog so here goes.

Find some good dog obedience classes and send them both. Both the flushing dog and retriever need lots of obedience to maintain control of the dog. If you spend a bunch on training without understanding a bit about basics, you may well become lost.

The flusher and the retriever are always in close proxcimity to the gun and ofter the bird. Do obedience and get a really good handle on the dog to keep him out of harms way. I mean, finish the dog to remain steady to shot, that takes lots of obedience when birds are flying. You'll only have to shoot one dog accidently to understand that.

I have heard of Donnybrook Kennel and when you get a referal unsolisited its usually a good one. If you go, PAY ATTENTION!!!! No matter how well your dog is done it's all for nothing if you don't do exactly as your shown. The most frustrating thing for a trainer is a client that won't listen. Many think that when the dog is trained, its bullet proof. Not so!! It's mearly well started and up to the owner to stay on course. I can tell you of many owners that didn't stay the course or listen.

I had a guy I did a German Shorthair for that just listened to what he wanted to. He come out and worked with me four times befor taking his dog home. Took it home, forgot all he'd learned and tried to show off his dog to a friend, failure. Then he took the friend to the house and showed him the video I'd sent home with him and the dog started taking directions off the TV!!! The hardest part for the trainer is training the owner. Pay attention!!!!!!!!!

But do start in a local obedience class. If nothing else, it'll bring himself and your husband to a better understanding befor the real stuff starts.

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