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Looking for the best.

Looking for the best grain bullet to use in the muzzloader. Anyone got any suggestions.

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That all depends on the twist

That all depends on the twist of the gun, what the shooter likes, and how well he can shoot.

I shoot a 50 TC Encore that I have found shoots the full bore 280ish gr bullets the best to my likeing.

My son shoots a 50 cva and he likes the saboted 180gr bullets.

What I have found he can take my setup and not groop the same as myself and vise-versa. I think it all comes down to the confidence you have in what you shoot and how well the gun shoots.

It has taken me about 13 years to work up the loads I shoot so this is not a quick fix, but that is what makes bp/ml the fun that it is.

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It totally depends on caliber

I think I missed what caliber you were asking about.  It makes a huge difference as to whether you are fine tuning a 36 caliber or a 75 caliber.

In reality, I think the only thing that you can do is try a variety of projectiles and charges in YOUR rifle until you find teh one that works the best.

There just isn't any short cut because the exact same model rifle next off teh assembly line may prefer a different load than the one before it.

The same is true of centerfire rifles too.  That's just the way it works.  Too many small variances adding up to make the complete package for one simple solution.

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