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Looking for an affordable or private lion hunt.

I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and am looking for an affordable lion hunt.  I'm not particular as to the state and am looking to schedule something 2 years or so from now.  I don't need accomodations or food .. just looking for someone to get me on a hunt.  I am a successful bear hunter and would be willing to trade a guided bear hunt as part of our deal.  I've hunted with two lion outfitters in Colorado and New Mexico in the past with no results.  Please let me know if anyone has any advice or contacts for me to get ahold of.

Many thanks.  Steve.

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What happened on your other

What happened on your other hunts out in Colorado and New Mexico?  The best way to do for a good lion hunt is to have something set up with the guys that have the dogs and be ready to go at the drop of a hat.  Most like to hunt immediately after a fresh snowfall and if you can get out there as quickly as possible when they call you that the conditions are right is the best way to have a good hunt.

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If you were willing to do a

If you were willing to do a DIY hunt, you could come out to oregon. thye non res lic is $140.50 and a tag is $14.50. We cant use dogs or bait but calling works on them. you can also use natural bait like a deer or elk carcass. you can also find outfitters out here if you do a google search. we have a ton of cats and need to be thined out. and its pretty cheap. if you hunt winter or early spring they will be just above or below the snow line, if you find deer and elk you will find cats.

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I envy anyone that can call them in.

Arizona out of state tags are reasonable.  Both outfitters I use are very reasonable and will do a daily rate with a Trophy Fee.  You work out your rate base on where your staying or if they have to provide accomodations for you.  Contact Kenny Haught at Cross Trail Guide Service for a Dry Ground Hunt (my personal favorite) or Kelly McBride at K-Bar for a hunt in the Snow.

You can see two hunts I did with them on my youtube page by searching regionalaz mountain lion hunts Arizona.

Good Luck in your search.  Anyway you can find to get a Lion is going to be a lot of fun.

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I don't know what their rates

I don't know what their rates are, but since you are already on the northern border, have you thought about Canada?

Don't remember if it was Alberta or Saskatchewan, but there have been some big kitties taken out of there.

Other than that, I would suggest California, but you might get in trouble if you shot one, since we don't have a season... Whistling

Good luck to you!

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I'd look at AZ in the southern portion if I were you. You might want to Google Warner Glenn if you're really serious and are willing to ride a mule or horse. The man lives for lions and is a continuation of the Ollie Barney breed of man.



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Hey Steve, I've been looking

Hey Steve,

I've been looking at Cat hunts too.  I found this deal for hunts this year.  Pricing seems good to me.  They are also offering a cougar and wolf hunt package which is pretty temping.  From the pics they have posted they are getting some big cats.



maybe this will help,


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Steve, All too often


 All too often outfitters buy a couple hounds and start offering lion hunts to supplement there off season. All though they might be great outfitters at the end of the day they are not houndsmen, a lot of the time those dogs sit on a chain all year and are expected to perform flawlessly when the hunter arrives. It takes a big commitment on the outfitters behalf to work there dogs year round in every type of conditions, so when there hunter arrives regardless of conditions they give there hunter every opportunity available to harvest a trophy and not just make excuses. The hunter needs to do his/her part in making sure they are in the very best physical shape possible.  Whether your outfitter hunts off mules, foot, vehicle, dirt or snow conditions it is still very physically demanding. I would also ask your potential outfitter if they are dependant on snow conditions.  As the hunter, are you able to jump on a plane when a fresh snow is coming, or do you only have a certain time of year you can hunt? What type of lion are you looking for, a tom or will a female do?  The nice thing about hunting snow conditions for the most part is you can judge the track.  If the track is not the caliber of lion you’re looking for, you can find another one. Ask the outfitter if they are insured, permitted, if they have private ground leases?  Ask for past clientele and contact information. There are some top notch lion outfitters in every state, just do your homework and check as many references as possible.

Good luck on your next adventure,

Tee Hover



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Mt Lion Hunting

Greetings, Iam a newbe to this site, so bear with me. I live in Gold Beach Oregon, Curry county. The first county north of the CA. sate line on the coast. Our county has huge tracts of federal lands, mostly NFS, some BLM as well. Many ranchers and large private timber holdings.
We also have an over abundance of cats. The prior OR post was right about the price, cheap really $145.00 or so for an out of state license, plus $14.50 for a cat tag, if you fill one tag you can purchase a second for the same price.
However, his statement about not using bait is off, you can use bait for cats, but not for bears.The coastal zone has NO closed season on cats, it does have quota,which is raely filled.
Come in the late fall or winter, bring a portable tree stand, get some fresh red meat bait and hunt over it.

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Goldbill, im originally from

Goldbill, im originally from oregon and the rest of my family still lives there (Eastern Oregon and Portland Area).  Ive heard the success rate for Mountain Lions are <1%, is this true?  or is it someone rolling up pure number stats?  Id like to come back and hunt them, but the plane ticket is pretty hefty.

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Mt Lion Hunting

I have been away fr years, just got back to this site.

Did you ever go hunt lions? in Oregon?

 Odd you live in Mich. and are from Oregon. Iam from SW Michigan and live SW Oregon.

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