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Looking for?

I am curious does anyone have any opinions on some really good hunting/hiking boots.. Mine have worn out and I am looking for something that is not overly expensive, is comfortable, warm, and waterproof. Oh and I stress the comfort part.

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Comfortable boots

Take a look at the Danner Pronghorn boots.  Most comfortable boots I've yet worn.  They're lightweight, durable and the only boot that I have worn immediately without any serious breakin & not got blisters.  They have different levels on insulation & are Gortex lined.  I've worn mine hunting sagehen to chuckar, antelope to elk & will without hesitation buy another pair when this pair wears out.  This will be their fifth season and by the way they look, it'll be awhile before I have to replace them.

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I wear Irish Setter and they

I wear Irish Setter and they are really confronable, not too expensize.  Firsrt pair I ever bought got them 2 weeks before elk season so no break in time.  Boots felt great all week...no blisters.

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I have a pair of danner with

I have a pair of danner with the zip up fronts(i forget the name). Their heavy but sure are comfortable and waterproof like no other boot i've had. worked great in the rockys last season.

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I'll go with the guys on

I'll go with the guys on Danners they are not the cheapest but they are the most durable. However if you consider how much longer they last compared to most others they aren't so expensive. I can usually get 2 to 3 years out of a pair of Danners compared to 1 or 2 years from most other brands. Danners also have a program you can sent you worn out boots back to the factory for repairs.

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I mostly use the Matterhorn model 1998 boot .  I think the Danner Acadia is actually a clone of the Matterhorn 1998 USMC boot.  The main difference between the two is the welt and the outsole, Danner uses the Vibram Ketterlift and Matterhorn uses the Vibram Sierra which I like much better.  Matterhorns are surely not as easy to find as the Danner Acadia, but they are typically less expensive and are also made in USA by Cove Shoe Co in Pennsylvania.  US Cavalry and Workingperson.com sell them, nobody sells them locally where I live.  They fit me better than the Acadias do and seem to be just as good in quality.  I wish they came in brown instead of black, but it really don't matter, they work very well for most types of hunting on most terrain.  I also think the Danner Pronghorns are nice too and available in most sportinggoods stores. 

I have different requirments between hunting boots and hiking boots.  For me my hiking boots need to have a ridgid midsole and lower ankle, excellet traction and enough support while carrying a heavy pack.  A hunting boot to me needs to be silent, more agile, yet still offer great support, have excellent traction, and needs to be about 8 inches to 9 inches in height.  In hiking boots I rarely go off-trail, in hunting boots I'm always off-trail in the brush.

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