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Looking for 1st Bear Hunt

Not new to hunting just new to bear hunting. Can anyone give me info on finding a guide that is respectful and one that gives you your moneys worth.

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Looking for 1st Bear Hunt

try this..


they look good, my dad is about to book another bear hunt, and he is thinking about going here..

good luck and god bless Big smile

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Looking for 1st Bear Hunt

I guy on another forum used these guys and he swears by them. He said they did every thing possible for him to get his. Out of the 8 people there he said everyone tagged a bear. He said they went beyond to help get his bear. Here is there link.

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Looking for 1st Bear Hunt

I think now that i hear about it all the time now im gonna start being a black bear hunting guide in ontario canada has some nice bears and i get one every year so im doing something right

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