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The long, short and belted of it

Comparing the performance of a long, short or belted case of the same caliber. When the goal is to reach maximum performance.

To properly load cases of different capacity, same caliber. The only constant that could be attained would be the bullet weight.
As an Example. The 308 win, 30-06 Springfield, 300 wsm and 300 wm can all be loaded with the same 150gr, 165gr, or 180gr bullet but, have different working pressure and capacity. The working pressure, case, primer, and powder would be variables.
If the best load for a smaller capacity round can exceed the performance of the best load for a larger capacity round. It would be fair to compare the perfomance.

I've been reading that it would be unfair to compare cartridges of the same caliber unless, the same bullet and powder are used. The same bullet is understandable The powder and primer no. Case capacity determines burn rate. Hotter primers burn the powder in larger capacity cases more efficiently.

Hence, if the smaller capacity round can be loaded to exceed the performance of the larger capacity round. It would be a fair to say that the smaller capacity round can out perform the larger capacity round. Assuming the same bullet is used.

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The long, short and belted of it

IMO, if you are loading a magnum round, then you should use a magnum primer. Plus, with every 7mm Remington Magnum load I've done, there have been three particular powders that give top results, and they are H-1000, IMR-4831, and H-870. Personally, I've found the first two to give the best results of the three.

Usually, smaller capacity rounds are ballistically below the larger rounds. a 7mm-08 Remington can't be loaded to outperform a 7mm magnum or even a 280 Remington. If you're continuing the earlier debate, I'll recap: the 308 Winchester does not outperform the 30-06 with any bullet weight, given ideal loads for both. The 30-06's maximum velocity for a 150 grain bullet is 3100 fps MV, and 3000 for a 165 grain bullet. No 308 load can match those figures. A 308 also can't outperform a 300 WSM either without making the case larger. A 300 WSM case is much larger than a 308, which has a case capacity of 53.5 grains.

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The long, short and belted of it

Not to beat a dead horse but I'm with the Captain on this one. There are probably combos (premium powders vs. bargain powders) to prove this wrong but my money is on the larger capacity if comparing the best loads possible in each calibre.

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