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The long forgotten Stockman

I have to admit that I'm from the heart of Generation-X and am a product of my disposable tech savy generation.  But I do have a fondness for revisitig past products and things that have often fallen out of favor or gotten discarded and overlooked in favor of modern so-called innovative products. 

I've been a knife freak my whole life.  Owned many in my time.  In todays world where tactical equipment is forcing it's may into the hunting/sportmans world and where we are being bombarted by companies selling tactical gear to the sportman, we forget just how useful and practical certain traditional peices of outdoor gear were and still are. 

Todays market forces us to believe that the only knife we need is a one handed opener light weight tactical knife.  And that all other traditional knives are too heavy and too old fashioned to be useful anymore. In fact all over the internet on knife forums people debate which knife is best for EDC, without fail it is always tactical type knives that get reviewed.  I never understood how tactical knives became favored for EDC over other proven types of more useful better designed traditional folding knives.  In my opinion and experiece I find the design of most tactical thumb-stud knives to be not so great for many outdoor or sportsmans needs.  Tonto blades that are partially serrated may be good for self-defense, but I find them totally impractical for sportsmans use. Also the thin cross-section handles on nearly all tactical folder makes them very uncomfortable when handling.  And the only activity I ever participared in where I had only one hand free if I had needed to open my knife was back in the days when I was rock-climbing and ice-climbing and in such situations I never needed or wanted to deploy my knife when hanging there with one hand.

For EDC and general purpose that brings me to the long forgetten and often over-looked Stockman knife.  A few companies have made them over the years - Schrade, WR Case, Buck, Camillus, etc.  The most common and affordable ones being from Schrade. This was the EDC knife of it's day.  Three well designed blades in a small convenient package.  Yet so strudy that many of them have still held up well for much longer than modern tacticals have even existed. I myself have never found a more useful and practical tool for EDC, woodworking, general utility, fishing, etc.  Does it have locking blades?  Heck no!! Does it need locking blades?  Not if the user knows what he/she is doing or how to actually use a knife like that.  What about one-hand opening?.........give me a break, I still have all my motor skills. lol

Call me old fashioned but I personally have never come across any modern EDC tactical knife thats anywhere as useful as an Old Timer Stockman type knives.  Hopfully the knife manufacturing industry will will come back to basics and start promoting more practical and useful folding knives for sportsman and EDC.  I see it with Buck to some extent with many of their newer designs.  I suppose if I'm doing search/rescue work, cutting away seat belts, or am in the military, a tactical knife would serve okay.  But come on, for the average sportman or the average EDC user??? A tactical knife?? Really?  Just my opinion from having owned a fair share of modern tactical folding knives.

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I agree.

While I carry a Tactical Folder, and often have a neck knife, as well as one in a sheath, fixed blade, along with guns, ammo, flashlight, and various toys my favorite knife is a Stockman. It's a simple tool that is handy for doing all manner of jobs that a knife is designed to do and some they weren't designed for. The Stockman is my preferred castration and ear marking knife for cattle.



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