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Llama Pistol - Value?



My buddy’s mother in law gave me an old revolver recently and I know nothing about these pistols.


This is a blue Llama six shot .38 special with a 4” barrel. It also has “Stoeger Industries – Hackensack NJ” stamped on it.


I think it is built as an S&W copy.


It has a Houge grip on it.


The mother in law told me here husband bought it for her “around the late 70’s” – but that might not be entirely accurate – as she is about 90 now and may not recall exactly.


It is in great shape (95 %) and has an INCREDIBLE trigger in it… it is a 3 to 4 pound trigger with NO creep!


Does anyone know anything about these pistols and have any idea what this rig should bring in trade or as a straight sale?


Thanks –



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The Llama revolvers were a

The Llama revolvers were a mid price range pistol that came out in the 70's from what I can remember about them.  They were priced about half of what you could buy a Smith and Wesson for.  They were a decent revolver and not a bad shooting one. 

As far as what it is worth, I would say between $200.00 and $300.00.  If you want to see just what you can get for it take it down to a gun shop that does consignment sales and they will look it up for you. 

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