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Livestock killed by wolves Wyoming

I was trying to find some numbers showing how many cattle ect were being killed by wolves,the only numbers i have found so far have been on the Save the Wolves site,probably very low since they wont admit the livestock was wolf killed unless you have a picture of them doing it.These numbers are for the state Of Wyoming and they seemed to have stopped counting in2003.
By WOLVES in 2003:
Cattle: 45
Sheep: 90
Dogs 0
Goats 10
(Source: Rocky Mountain 2003 Annual Wolf Report)

By WOLVES in 2002:
Cattle: 55
Sheep: 36
(Source: Rocky Mountain 2002 Annual Wolf Report)

By WOLVES in 2001:
Cattle: 42
Sheep: 154
Dogs: 8
(Source: USFWS, Mike Jimenez, Wyoming Grey Wolf Management Plan)

From reintroduction in 1995 to 2003: 119 cattle lost to wolves
From reintroduction in 1995 to 2003: 417 sheep lost to wolves
Since 1987, the group has paid to replace 1,322 animals, including 377 head of cattle and 897 sheep

this is the group that used to offer to repay ranchers for lost livestock but they had to prove it was a wolf kill with a photo or video,they stopped offering to do this 2 years ago,they must have run out of money.
I cant find any numbers for MT or ID but Ill keep looking

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