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Little Brothers yotes

Deer season is finally over........turkey is right around the corner....and we are pretty much outa snow, for dog hunting...........When we had snow I took my little brother out and had him take a couple shots at some yotes. In two hours he shot at 3 Coyotes and killed two. The first one was at a walk in the park 75 yds.......100gr Winchester supreame+coyote+snow=Masterpiece. Then the second one was 250 yds running........that wasn't even fair cause it was my shot....I got him in my scope just in time to watch him roll through a big snow drift.Then # 3 was all Kyle. 435 yds in the range finder. Kyle held over him about 10" and torched the little .243 off. That one was just to check the yotes transmisson he says as he tuns and looks at me. He hit about 3" below it's belly.

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Little Brothers yotes

Sounds like you had fun. Thumbs up

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