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How would you go about in getting a hunting liscense in Hawaii?

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Here is the best place to

Here is the best place to start.  Right from the Hawaii Dept. of Land and Nat. resources website.


It is pretty much self explanatory.   It looks like the non-resident cost is only $95, which is great.  I do not know, however, if that includes tags for any of the game animals or not.  You'd have to dig a little further.

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I never thought about hunting

I never thought about hunting Hawaii until I saw this section of the forum. I am really not in the know on it at all but it kind of seems like an interesting propostion. One of my brother in laws buddies from college moved there a couple years ago and sends us emails of his hunting and fishing adventures every now and then. His favorite thing to do is spear fish but he does quite a bit of hog hunting I think too. He used to be quite the elk hunter... he only bowhunted (wouldn't touch a rifle) and only did back country bivy hunts. Now he is all about spear fishing. He makes it sound like a blast though.

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There is a show on tv about

There is a show on tv about spear fishing.  They free dive and get some really big and/or incredible and edible fish.  I wish I lived in an area where I could spear fish, but alas, no oceans in Kansas.

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