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Lions and TIGERS and Bears

TIGERS have been discovered in The Heart Of The
Driftless Area. This species is know for its
aggressive behavior. I have lived in the area for 42
years and there has been a recent BOOM in their

Male Brookie

Female Brown

Tigers are a hybrid of a male brook trout and a female
brown trout. They can NOT reproduce. They are the
MULES of the trout world.

Male Brookie

Female Brown

Tigers earned their name from their unusual color
pattern and their aggressive nature. If a brook and
brown and a tiger live in the same hole, the tiger
will be the first trout to be caught.

I have caught only two TIGER trout in my entire life.
Recently the tigers have become more plentiful. The
reason for the BOOM in the tiger population is the
improvement of the quality of trout water in
southwestern Wisconsin. Many states stock tigers. I
have contacted the fisheries managers locally and they
told me that tigers are NOT being stocked in the area.
They are occurring naturally as brooks and browns

A stream that has a population of brooks and browns
is required. Brooks require a colder waterway to live
in. So when you go TIGER hunting...leave your gun at
home....take your thermometer with you. Brook trout
like water that is under 60 degrees.

Written By: Len Harris
ALL Photos by: Len Harris

Story will also appear in February Midwest Outdoors Magazine

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Lions and TIGERS and Bears

Thats great. When I lived in Montana, on Flathead Lake, we had what everyone called Dolly Varden. I think they are what Oregon calls "Bull Trout". A nick name up there was bull trout and tiger trout. They were called that because of their agressive nature. Great stuff Spinner!!! Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up

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Lions and TIGERS and Bears

Great photo's! As a taxidermists who loves to paint fish i enjoy your beautiful close-ups of those trout...thanks! Thumbs up

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Lions and TIGERS and Bears

They are neat trout. Apparently they have released some in a few ponds where I live. They have also been stocking Splake in a few lakes for quite some time.

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Lions and TIGERS and Bears

Great photos! Thanks for sharing. Big smile

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Lions and TIGERS and Bears

Grest pics. What area in WI did you catch them?

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