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lions in africa

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Lions wreak havoc in Mushumbi Pools.

Sunday Mail Reporter.
June 13, 2010

VILLAGERS in Mushumbi Pools in Mashonaland Central are living in fear after a pride of about 16 lions killed livestock in the area.

Officials from the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority are still tracking the predators and are also campaigning for the relocation of the villagers.
Mashonaland Central provincial police spokesperson Inspector Memory Pamire said five of the lions mauled 12 cattle and two donkeys at a village in Chief Chisunga’s area.
Insp Pamire said the lions struck in Section B of Kanongo village last week before proceeding to Section C where they killed five more cattle.
She said police received a report as the lions headed towards Section A, which has the highest population in the area.
“The lions were spotted in the afternoon but they attacked their prey in the night. Indications are that they moved in the direction of Village A. Officials from the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority are still hunting them down,” said one villager.
Insp Pamire said villagers in the area spotted a pride of 16 lions devouring a heifer and two goats in the same area three weeks ago. The whereabouts of these lions is still not known raising fears that they could still be roaming the area.
“Our advice to the people is that they should not move around at night. We are also urging them to make sure that all livestock is kept in secure places at night,” she said.
“Lions can easily attack other animals that roam freely at night.” National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesperson Ms Caroline Washaya-Moyo said her organisation is concerned by the increase in the number of human-animal conflict cases.
She said resettlement patterns in some areas should be reviewed to avoid a recurrence of such problems.
“It is worrying that such cases continue to happen. The relevant authorities should intervene and make sure that people are not settled in areas that threaten wildlife,” she said.
Recently lions unleashed a reign of terror in the Kanyemba area in the same province and killed five people. Life in the area virtually came to a standstill as children stopped going to school while adults remained in-doors.

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