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Limbsaver recoil pad... AMAZING

I recently upgraded from a .270 to a .300 WinMag for the up and comming hunting season.

On the first trip out, the rifle (Savage Model 110) had the stock butt plate on it. Most know that it really isnt much. I shot 20 shells the first day and my arm was beat to crap afterwards.

So I went back to the gunsmith and asked what I could do. His answer was a muzzlebreak or try a LimbSaver recoil pad. So I grabbed a Accu-Fit LimbSaver recoil pad. took me 10 minutes to put it on. The fit is awesome.

I went out yesterday to get the gun sighted in and I shot 50 rounds and couldnt even feel any recoil like I did with the first outing.

I just wanted to post my opinion of these recoil pads as a quick easy solution from first hand experience.

I'm ready for the up and comming hunt... less than 3 weeks now.

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Limbsaver recoil pad... AMAZING

Welcome to BGH!

I've never even seen one of those pads. But arthritus in my shooting shoulder may make me check them out.

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Limbsaver recoil pad... AMAZING

I use them, Don, for my injured shoulder and they really work in taming recoil.

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Limbsaver recoil pad... AMAZING

Use em on my 870 and 300WM. They really work well.

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Limbsaver recoil pad... AMAZING

I had a thumbhole stock customized and put on my 7mm Mag and had a Limbsaver butt pad put on it. Now the straightness of the thumbhole stock helps a great deal with recoil but the Limbsaver makes it possible to shoot off the bench without any additional padding, that is pretty damn good considering it's a 7 Mag. I also give Limbsaver high marks.

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Limbsaver recoil pad... AMAZING

My ProHunter Stock has that Limbsaver tech stuff built into it and I am a definate believer. Tames my .300 win mag to feel about like my 7mm.08 in FELT recoil. Have one of them Slipover jobs on my Mossburg 500 12 gu. for the slug barrel and LORD DOES THAT HELP!!! Go get one Don... Us old farts that are fallin apart need all the help we can git!! Big smile

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Limbsaver recoil pad... AMAZING

When my daughters started hunting I put limbsavers on a 30-06 and a 308 for them for elk hunting .Never got a single complaint about recoil and one of them only weighs 98# but I did have to shorten up the stock as it added too much reach for them,and I have to admit I now use that 30-06 when ever they don't!!!

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Limbsaver recoil pad... AMAZING

Yeah, those limb savers make world of difference in felt recoil. I have them on all of my guns. The kids can target shoot the .243 & .2506 all day. It gets expensive to go shoot all day with them, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Where were the hogs shot? That's a good way to keep in practice.

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Limbsaver recoil pad... AMAZING

Gotta love the Limbsaver product. Recently purchased a Tikka T3 Lite in 7MAG. First time out to get it sighted in with new scope and a box of shells later I was feeling the effect and called it good enough for that outting.

Next time out it had the custom fit Limbsaver on it (all of 5 mins to install and a perfect fit!) and nearly two boxes later shoulder was good for more, if I'd had more ammo I think I could have shot a couple more boxes and still enjoyed it! Thumbs up

Have since put one on 17yr old's own 7MAG and he now shoots 3-4x the rounds he used to while at the range. We both enjoy an afternoon at the range together more than ever now! Only drawback is the much less expensive shooting 22LR stays cased a lot longer now - ha!

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Limbsaver recoil pad... AMAZING

Anyone have any Idea how the limb saver compares to the Remington SuperCell recoil pad?

The 700 BDL in 300 win mag I purchased has a SuperCell on it and it's OK. Just wondered if the Limb saver improved on it any. Or is it possible its the same thing?

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