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lightweight, maybe a single shot?

Okay, I've got my preference points built up and I'm hoping to draw a mountain goat or bighorn sheep tag in Colorado in the next couple of years. I hunt elk with a muzzleloader, but I'm thinking I want to hunt goats or sheep with a rifle, since my muzzleloader weighs nearly 10 lbs. and lugging it up where sheep hide may be a bit of a challenge for my old bones.

I have a .30-06, but it's not a real lightweight either. So, I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a truly lightweight rifle. I've been thinking of a single-shot, mainly because I think they're kind of cool and it seems logical to me that one could be made much lighter than a bolt-action.

As for caliber, I would probably want .270, .308, or even another .30-06, but I'm open to suggestions.

Oh, yeah... I can't afford a custom gun, so something that's not going to run more than about, let's say, $700-$800.


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lightweight, maybe a single shot?

Browning Micro Hunter in 308win.
Under 7 1/2 pounds ready to hunt. A very sweet shooter.
I've got one in 300wsm. I carry it around all day for Elk in the thick forests around here. If I was going after sheep or goat. I'd load a 150gr Hornady Interbond and start looking for a good shot.

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lightweight, maybe a single shot?

Some ideas in no particular order, some you may need to pick up used to meet your price range.

* Ruger Number 1

* H&R/NEF Handi-Rifle (possibly the lowest weight/cost)

* TC Encore Rifle (low weight and relatively low cost)

* Winchester 1885 High Wall (new models chambered in various WSM's)

Some other non-single-shot ideas:

* Various Marlin/Winchester Model 94 lever actions . (some carbine versions are suprisingly light)

* Remington 700 Titanium

* Bushmasters Carbon 15 (although I doubt they chamber this in anything larger than 223, thus making this a pointless suggestion)

* M1 Carbine (exceedingly light, although 30 Carbine is probably not the best goat/sheep round)

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lightweight, maybe a single shot?

I don't think you would go wrong with one of these.


6.25 lbs sounds great to me.

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lightweight, maybe a single shot?

Go to remington.com,, click on firearms then centerfire rifles,,, I like the model 700's,, I have never been around the 710's but they are a little over 7 lbs and they have 4 choices of the pretty good calibers to choose from and the suggested retail price is only around 430 bucks ,, also look at the model 700SPS it's around 7 1/2 lbs. affordable also,,,, I have never been around the single shot's to know much about the wieght on them, so anyways good luck.

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lightweight, maybe a single shot?

I agree with bitmasher all he listed are good choices. I have a H&R/NEF Handi Rifle in .270. With a 3-9x50 scope and rings I have around $230 in it. It is VERY light and diff cal barrels can be purchased. The only draw back is that you must send the gun in to get new barrels so they can match the correct headspace.

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lightweight, maybe a single shot?

I have a Rossi single shot in 30-06. Anyone ever heard of rossi

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