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lets talk decoys

anybody have a favorite or good and/or bad reviews? have they worked for you or not? how do you use them? thanks for checking it out and hope to hear from yall.

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lets talk decoys

I have not bought a true antelope decoy. But I have a small deer 3d target that I have painted to look like an antelope, with the whte on the and rump, with the black patch on the cheeks. Let me tel you, here in Idaho we have had many antelope come running at this decoy. I archery hunt for antelope and this is challenging due to the shot distance. But I will never buy a decoy for antelope and will always use this painted up target.

I have tried to use white flags but the antelope tend to run when using them, so i am not a fan.


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lets talk decoys

Wear a white T-shirt on your stalk and when they hang up tie it to a bush and circle back around the animal. It will respond or will keep watching until if figures out what it is.

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lets talk decoys

Tried a true antelope decoy for the first time last weekend. My brother is the archer, not I , but I am a good decoy holder. We had a couple of decent bucks interested, but could not get them within 100 yards. The white t-shirt thing just happened to be possible as well, as I was wearing one the second day we went out. It didnt work so well either, but that is not to say it wont. It is really early for rutting goats yet, so the best days are to come with the decoy. ALL the horned goats we saw were alone or with other bucks, only one with any doe. When they start ruttin' up, watch out. You will have to throw that decoy to the side before too long. I have heard when a herd buck comes runnin, that or an arrow may be the only way to turn him around.

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lets talk decoys

Laredo, How's that decoy working out? Have you stuck any Speed Goats yet?

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