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Leopard hunting in Zimbabwe

I just got back August 1 from Zimbabwe and a fantastic leopard hunt. We baited for 12 days and no hits by a large male. Come to find out, there was a snare line in the area and numerous animals had been killed and the leopards were feeding there. My decision then was to use hounds for a daytime pursuit. WOW!! Was that a good decision. I had been on leopard hunts at night with a spotlight. However no success. The hounds are an entirely different matter. Once a decision is made on the largest leopard to pursue, the hounds are released. Many hours later, the leopard will come to bay or go up a tree. I have been told the smaller leopards will go up a tree and the big guys fight on the ground. Mine fought on the ground. Two weeks before, I was a guest following another hunter with hounds. His leopard bayed on the large log. When the hunter and his two professional hunter approached, the leopard charged immediatly. The hunter missed, the first PH shot the leopard in the head with a large pistol at 10 feet. It did not stop him. The first PH stumbled and fell backwards. The second PH fired three times with a 12 Gauge shotgun at 5 feet. The leopard died on the first PH's foot. This was on my mind as I approached my leopard at bay on the ground. As we approached the leopard, the dogs were all over him and I had no shot. The cat moved about 30 feet and this time there was an opening. The cat crouched down and looked me straight in the eye. I fired immediatly. The Barnes X bullet from a 375 H & H did it's job. Instant kill. My PH then informed me that when the cat looked at me, I had about two seconds to shoot. Then the leopard would have charged. Without a doubt, I will never forget those two seconds.

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Leopard hunting in Zimbabwe

welcome to the forum. i will be in namibia in about a week for my own leopard hunt, strictly over bait. hopefully i will not get charged, so maybe i will carry a knife in between my teeth some pictures would be great!

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