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Leopard hunting in Africa

What is the state of Leopard hunting in Africa right now? What countries have the best huntable population?

Ballpark price of a leopard hunt?

If there's any PH on the dark continent that has a desire to hunt in the US maybe we could make some sort of a trade in the future.

I would trade a Leopard hunt there for a Cougar (with or without hounds), Black Bear, and Mule deer hunt here.

Just something to think about for the next few years.

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Leopard Hunting

Dear Hunt,

Leopard hunting in South Africa is healthy, however the issue this year is that Leopard (Tags) permits are only issued 1 per Outfitter and some of the tags have already been sold.

Another good area to look at is Zimbabwe, espescially in the Nyakasnga area. Good leopard and good population in this area.

Leopard in SA in the region of $17000, Zimbabwe a bit more in the region of $20 000.






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namibia is a good place to

namibia is a good place to hunt leopard as is zimbabwe. there are many fine oufitters to go with. tanzania has good leopards but double or triple the price for elsewhere to do that. hunts will go from $15,000 to 20,000 for starters, then add in all the extra stuff you just have to have, shoot, or do. there are some short notice discount hunts available if your schedule is very flexible (as in the next few months). i loved my leopard hunt in namibia in 2007. good iuck.

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