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leopard hunting

I just returned from a leopard hunt in Zimbabwe that was outstanding. I took a great leopard plus lots of other plainsgame that inlcuded an exceptional Waterbuck that made Roland and Ward (29+"). The PH that I hunted (Boet Van Aarde of Sebenani Trails) was outstanding and has over 400,000 acres he hunts for leopard and plains game in Southeast Zimbabwe. He ran 80% success this year and has been over 80% in past years. the hunt was very inexpensive compared to most leopard hunts. He used a very unique combination of a portable gound blind, baits and fishing line to alert you that the cat was there. We had four different leopard on bait at one time and I took my leopard the 8 th day of the 12 day hunt. I was very happy with the hunt and the price of $6500 all inclusive for the trophy fee, baits, ground transportation, food lodging, caping, trophy prep., and delivery to taxidermist. If you get a chance to hunt leopard do so as it is one of the most outstanding and suspensefull type of hunting you can do. Feel free to contact me for more info on my hunt.

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leopard hunting

I'm smack in the middle of planning a trip like that too. Can you tell me your views current political unrest there? I hear stories about ranches being taken over by the govt..thanks for any thoughts you may throw my way..steve

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leopard hunting

hi, i wanted to know how much the heaviest leopard on record weighed?

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