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Leica Press Release - CRF-1600

Leica Press Release - CRF-1600

10 Years of the CRF Range – Now with Integrated Measurement of Angle of Elevation/Declination, Temperature and Barometric Pressure.
Leica Rangemaster CRF1600 with
Integrated Intelligent Ballistic Program

Precise shots without knowing the distance from your target – for hunters, determining the right spot to aim for has never been so easy and accurate before. The new LEICA RANGEMASTER CRF 1600 measures not only the precise distance, it even calculates exactly where the bullet will hit the target in advance.

In addition to the standard ballistic trajectory, its Leica microcomputer also integrates the angle of elevation/declination, the temperature and the barometric pressure in its calculations. This brings an invaluable benefit for hunters, as it displays the point of aim in less than 0.3 seconds without any need to study ballistic tables and without laborious measuring procedures. Hunters can react rapidly and accurately and get their shots right on target in even the most difficult situations.

The options offered by the Rangemaster 1600 are unique in the premium segment and are the revolutionary consequence of ten years of Leica expertise and experience in the construction of the CRF range.

A further improvement offered by the new Rangemaster 1600 is its extended range of 1500 meters (1600 yards), and the rejection of measured distances below ten meters. This aspect of its measuring behavior is particularly important for hunters and makes the Rangemaster ideal for use from cover Bushes, brush and grass at close range can now no longer influence its measuring performance. All measuring results are analyzed electronically and deliver only unambiguous and accurate values. This means that hunters can rely on the Rangemaster with absolute certainty.

The brightness and sharpness of its LED display have been decisively improved too. The figures remain clear and distinctly legible even in the dazzling brightness of snowscapes. Its red LED display is as bright as day and absolutely tack-sharp. Its display brightness adjusts automatically to ambient lighting conditions. This effectively prevents dazzling in the dark and improves legibility when it’s bright. And now, users can easily switch the units displayed from meters to yards. Its computer converts the results into the units required and indicates the units displayed to prevent confusion.

This compact device with the size of a pack of cigarettes is the perfect solution for left- and right-handed users and can be comfortably held upright in just one hand. The fingertips reach the buttons on the top with equal ease from both sides, and its smooth operation makes its handling ideal, even when wearing gloves in winter. Depressing the button activates the opto-electronic system and a second press starts the measuring process. Constant pressure on the button activates the Rangemaster’s scanning mode. This means that the Rangemaster now measures continuously and can “track” game on the move.

Another great advantage of the Rangemaster is its extremely compact construction. Weighing in at only 200 grams, it is an absolute lightweight and slips easily into any small shirt- or pants pocket. All in all, a fast and dependable, constant companion that’s ideal for hunting and stalking game

The features of the Rangemaster 1600 naturally include all the benefits of the tried and tested Rangemaster range. AquaDuraTM coating of all exposed lens surfaces lets water just run off and makes dirt particularly easy to remove. Its superior quality optical system with 7x magnification and an extra-wide field of view also makes the Rangemaster a useful monocular glass for detailed, high-contrast viewing. Its strong and tough carbon-fiber reinforced body is waterproof to a depth of 1 meter. This rangefinder can easily shake of a heavy shower or an accidental dip in a stream. Diopter compensation and specially designed rubber eyepiece cups make the Rangemaster the ideal choice for eyeglass-wearers.

Leica pioneered the field of laser rangefinding and leads the market with Leica Rangemaster and Geovid binoculars. Leica’s vast experience in the design and construction of hunting glasses goes back to the days of Dr Ernst Leitz, a passionate hunter who contributed his hunting competence and sense of purpose from the very first moments on. This story of success began with the Binocle 6x18 in 1907. Today, Leica manufactures an entire range of optical equipment especially designed with hunters in mind, which also includes premium quality riflescopes that, equipped with ASV fast reticle adjustment, are perfect for use in combination with the Rangemaster 1600.

The LEICA RANGEMASTER CRF 1600 will be available from August 2010 at $799.00.

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