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Leica Demo Sale

Leica Demo Sale:

We have a nice inventory of Leica show samples. The Binoculars, Riflescopes and Spotting Scopes come with a Leica 10 Year Warranty, the Geovids come with a Leica 1 Year Warranty and the CRF Rangefinders come with a 3 Month Warranty. None of the Riflescopes have been mounted so there are no ring marks. All are in mint condition. Please feel free to call with any questions.

We also have a few of the Non-HD 8x42 Geovids and the 15x56 Geovids that are new. If you are interested in one of these a new 8x42 Geovid will cost you just $1499.99, and a new 15x56 Geovid would be just $1799.99. You can call in to order or just order a demo from the web site, mention this forum in the note area of your order and we'll fill the order with a new unit.
This offer on the new Geovids is valid as long as our supply lasts.

If you're looking for a great quality rangefinder we still have a few new CRF-900 Laser Rangefinders in stock @ only $429.99.

Here is the list of Show Samples:

40523 CRF 1200 in Yards @ $524.99

40037 Geovid 8x42 HD in Yards @ $1849.99

40044 Geovid 15x56 HD in Yards @ $2349.99

40290 8x32 Ultravid HD @ $1499.99

40292 7x42 Ultravid HD @ $1574.99

40293 8x42 Ultravid HD @ $1699.99

40266 8x42 Ultravid BR in [email protected] $1199.99

40294 10x42 Ultravid HD @ $1749.99

We have 1 10x42 Trinovid BN show sample @ $899.99 with the Leica 10 Year Warranty

40296 10x50 Ultravid HD @ $1799.99

40276 10x50 Ultravid BR @ $1299.99

40297 12x50 Ultravid HD @ $1899.99

40252 8x20 Ultravid BCR @ $549.99

40253 10x25 Ultravid BCR @ $599.99

40263 8x20 Ultravid BCL w/Brown Leather Case @ $679.99

40264 10x25 Ultravid BCL with Brown Leather Case @ $699.99

40342 8x20 Trinovid BCA w/Case @ $399.99

40343 10x25 Trinovid BCA w/Case @ $399.99

Spotting Scopes:

40390 8x20 Monovid w/Case @ $399.99

40129 APO-65 Televid Angled Spotting Scope w/ #41019 25-50x WW Zoom Aspherical Eyepiece @ $2599.99

40121 APO-82 Televid Angled Spotting Scope w/ #41019 25-50x WW Zoom Aspherical Eyepiece @ $3199.99


50010 ER 2.5-10x42 Reticle LEICA-Plex @ $1449.99

50011 ER 2.5-10x42 Reticle 4A @ $1449.99

50012 ER 2.5-10x42 Reticle Ballistic @ $1499.99

50013 ER 2.5-10x42 Reticle 1 @ $1449.99

50014 ER 2.5-10x42 Reticle CDD @ $1479.99

51010 ER 3.5-14x42 Reticle LEICA-Plex @ $1499.99

51012 ER 3.5-14x42 Reticle Ballistic @ $1599.99

New Ultravid BR Binoculars:
We also have a few new Ultravid BR binoculars left in stock at greatly reduced prices:

40261 Ultravid 8x42 BR Black @ 1499.99 reduced from $1895.00

40276 Ultravid 10x50 BR Black @ $1499.99 reduced from $2095.00

40277 Ultravid 12x50 BR Black @ $1549.99 reduced from $2295.00

These new Ultravids have the Leica Passport Warranty.

Please feel free to call or PM with any questions. There are a few of some of these and singles on others. Quantities are limited so if you're interested please contact Doug or Neil. These were all new goods that were sent to indoor trade shows, on display, and then packed back up after the show. The scopes were not mounted. All are in as new (but have been touched by human hands) condition.
Thanks for your continued support.

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