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Legislation Introduced to Change Michigan Deer Opener

Despite the fact that 85% of Michigan deer hunters polled want the opening of Michigan's general gun season to remain at November 15, Rep. Kevin Cotter - R, Mt. Clemens has introduced a bill to change it. HB 4259 would mandate that the season would open on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of November, whichever is closest to the 15th.

 The reason is primarily economic. A Michigan State University hunter participation study has shown that at least 10% more hunters are in the woods when the 15th falls on a Saturday. This brings almost $2 million more into the coffers if each hunter buys only one tag, and many buy more than one.


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I know everybody in my family

I know everybody in my family that hunts up there would like it to remain unchanged as a lifetime of tradition is more important to them.

I really doubt that the 10% more that hunt on Saturday openers do not hunt at all just because of when it opens but rather just start when they can. I think the season is long enough that most guys don't take the whole thing off anyway. There may be a little money to be gained but hard to believe it's an extreme amount.

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Well after hunting the lands

Well after hunting the lands in Michigan for almost 40 years I personally would prefer it to remain on the 15th. I feel there's ample enough time for those who really hunt the firearms season to make plans well ahead of time to allow them to participate regardless if it falls on a week day or not. Everyone who lives and hunts here KNOWS the 15th of November has always been the opener and you can plan your days off far enough in advance to be in the woods be it a vacation, personal time off, a sick day or two, etc. Not to mention that the majority of us already have purchased our licenses well in advance of the actual opening day of the hunt so where's the big influx of expected income to come from ??? Just sayin',.. there must be some other agenda in someones' mind other than expecting a higher increase of licenses being sold. JMO,...

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Plain and simple politics

Plain and simple politics Terry!  Why don't the politicians do what are expected of them and stay the haydes out of big game management everywhere!!!

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When I first saw this thread title I was thinking.........they finally wised up and pushed the opener out of prime rut!  Then I laughed when I saw it's actually to move it even earlier! 

They need to move it to December, allow one buck only, and sub shotguns in place of rifles.  Then all these MI guys wouldn't be stepping on my toes on Illinois public land every year.  The Michigan seasons are just plain brutal. 


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