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The legend of the albino moose continues

Looks like it was a teenage girl who shot it.  No wonder they are protecting her identity.  Some of the anti-hunting @#)%# that are posting comments would scare me too.


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I read the story and the

I read the story and the comments that followed and some people are just idiots.  Why is a genetically challenged moose better than one that isnt'?  Albino animals do not survive in the wild as well as normally colored ones.  It is a legal animal and the teenage hunter should be proud of her trophy and those that somehow believe she shouldn't have shot it should keep quiet and leave the young lady alone.

I am glad the state had the good sense not to release her identity as well as the paper.  i can't imagine the lengths that some people would go to in harassing her for taking a legal moose.

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It is a shame that hunters

It is a shame that hunters are now forced to conceal their identities out of fear of being attacked or harrassed. There was a time, that in most cultures, hunters were the most revered and celebrated members of the society. I think this is just rediculous. I have never heard about hunters threatening to kill, hurt etc. members of anti-hunting groups. I am sure that it has happened at one time or another but I know it doesn't happen nearly as much as the anti's throw the nasty stuff around. Many of the anti-hunting groups are labeled terrorist organizations by the FBI. If that doesn't shed light on the situation, I do not know what does. Congratulations to the girl for taking such an awesome animal and shame on those who want to attack her for it. I would like to stand between them and give the anti's a piece of my mind.

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