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Left/right, and "jacketed bullets"

I'm a neophyte to ML, but have shot 7mm Rem mag for years,primarily for Elk in Washington state. I'm considering a Lyman Deerstalker,.54cal,1:32 twist, stainless. Two questions: as a left handed shooter, is there too much flash from the percussion cap to comfortably shoot a right handed gun? Since "jacketed" bullets are illegal in WA, sabots aren't allowed. Are "maxi-ball",and "maxi-hunter" by T/C considered to be jacketed? How about copper-clad bullets? What other bullet/load combinations would be good for elk? Thanks for any info.

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Left/right, and "jacketed bullets"

I can't answer the left/right question. I don't hunt in Washington and I'm not familar with their regulations, but I assume the regulation is there to prevent the use of sabots. The maxi-ball and maxi-hunter should be perfectly legal.

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Left/right, and "jacketed bullets"

I have some experience with the left/right thing. My caplock is a Thompson Center Renegade, right hand. My flintlock is a Lyman Great Plains left hand.
Normally you will have no problems shooting a right handed caplock, lefthanded. The only time I have ever noticed any blowback at all was with full loads of 120 Grains of 2fg. The Deerstalker probably maxes out at 100 grains 2fg.
The flinlock is a different story. Here you have exploding powder right in your face, and, probably more dangerous, tiny fragments of flint chipping off and molten slag from your frizzen, all right in front of your aiming eye. For these reasons I can only recommend shooting a lefthand flinter if you are lefthanded.
With either one it will help your shooting and be safer to use safety glasses. Especially while firing multiple shots during practice.