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Well, how about those leftovers? We finished some tonight, the ham from Christmas finished off in pea soup! YUM! Now, if you'd said I'd like pea soup back when I was a kid, nope! But add all that ham and it's just a slippery meat dish!  Yes

My favorite Christmas meal is prime rib and we'd had it the previous 3 or 4 years. I love it! But, next morning, the heated (fried, lightly) prime rib with eggs is very tough to beat!! 

Some favorite left-overs from you all??


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Tis the season!

Oh boy it is the season of leftovers.  We made an 11 pound beef roast on Christmas eve for 6 of us.  i know I know -- that was crazy but it is what my mother in law bought and she insisted that she was buying the roast for our Christmas dinner.  So we ate all we could hold, and sent some home with two other families then made beef barley stew for lunch the next day and had leftover stew the day after that!  Then there are desserts!  We are still working our way through cheesecake and pie!  This is NOT a bad thing.  here in teh office we still have cookies out from before Christmas and then there are left over chips and soda from our office Christmas partyh that somehow seem to keep finding their way to my desk.  This si NOT what I need for new year's weight loss resolutions.  But I really DO love good food!  We gotta die of something and it might as well be something that we enjoy!

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Turkey and Cookies!

My wife bought a 24 lb. turkey for when our kids were all here for Christmas; 8 adult children and 10 grandchildren - - and they all slept here for two nights!

Anyway, the leftover turkey was eaten in sandwiches and on a plate with leftover gravy. I also some some pieces just being eaten out of the hand as people wandered through the house.

Last night I boiled all the bones and whatever scraps that were in the roaster for about 3 hours. That was then strained and put in the garage to cool. Today the fat was skimmed off the top and we have about a gallon of delicious turkey stock that will eventually be made into soup during the coldest part of the winter.

Cookies - we had 'em by the dozens - all homemade. Ma sure taught those 3 girls how to cook! And we still have a couple dozen scattered ones around here to tempt me over the next few days.

Oh yeah - and I still have a couple pieces of my famous mincemeat pie made with venison neck that's waiting to be polished off - by me.

'Scuse me a minute - I'm hungry. Big smile


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