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left handed .22

This may sound like a really stupid question but does anybody know if there are any left handed .22's out there or even if you could get the safety switched around. My girlfriend is looking for a semi-auto and I didn't think that anyone made leftys. Any help would be appreciated.


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left handed .22

A gun shop would have a good idea of what may be available. They can check availability from their supplier. I looked for a lefty bolt that a certain company made claim to build. A year later I was told that they make a limited number. When they're gone. You wait until next time.
As far as a semi-automatic 22LR. I don't know of anyone that produces anything left handed semi-automatic.
What is made and what is available are usually two different things.

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left handed .22

Remington makes the 597 (22 lr) or 597 Magnum (22 magnum or 17 HMR) that is semi-auto. Neither is available in a left handed model that I'm aware of.

Ruger makes the 10/22 (22 lr) and it is only right handed as well, as far as I know. However the 10/22 is widely popular and there are a lot of aftermarket enhancements for it, one of which is left handed stocks. I suggest trying a 10/22 and if the ejection pattern is not bothersome for your girlfriend, then get a left handed stock for it.

Another option is pump 22s. Rossi and Taurus make pump 22s. Lever 22 are widely available as well....

Good luck.