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Lead Sled - Effect on Accuracy?


I see a new elk rifle in the future (read that a harder kicking rifle) and am considering the purchase of a Lead Sled to shoot from.

Has anyone seen the fact that shooting from this device and then shooting with just your hands affected the final accuracy of the bullet?

I guess you could use the sled to do the rough work and then final tune it shooting in the regular manner - but it would be nice if you could do it all from the sled.

If anyone has a sled and likes it - or if you know of a model that works real well - what are your recommendations? I think there are several models, aren't there?


Thanks -


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I'd Save Money

Jim -

 I don't know if they affect accuracy or not, but for my money - which is limited - I'd go another route.

It's basically the same principle as the sled except not as precise.

Sand bags - actually, I use quart-sized ziploc bags filled with sand and placed inside old socks.

You can make them different sizes (somewhat) by not filling some completely.

They are not hard like a commercial sand bag, but can be "molded" to fit what you want like fluffing a pillow.

Put a couple in front and lay the forearm of your rifle on it.

Put another one right inder the pistol grip for your hand to rest on.

Put another one for your right elbow (if right-handed) to rest on.

You can even put one partially filled behind the recoil pad if you want.

It's very solid and soaks up recoil.

Save the money for your trip.


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lead sled

I've used one numerous times and I like it. I've gone to the range with two 45-70s a 450 and a 9.3x62 that all needed initial sight-in. I did sight all of them in and saw some darn good groups from them as well. I actually had zero weight on the rest, simply used it with no weight added (as designed).

Most any rifle up to .35 Whelen does not bother me much, even at the range. But rifles shooting 325gr loads at 2100 FPS, 400gr Loads at 1900 FPS and 285gr loads at 2300 FPS can get a bit tedious. The lead sled cured that for me. 

All those rifles proved to be MOA or under 1.5 MOA, while all being shot in one morning. Good hearing protection and something between butt and shoulder can help a lot. I actually take care of sight-in work for more than one friend and never mind, even with big bores. It's more a matter of mind, IMHO, than a matter of shoulder.  Yes

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I've never used one but if

I've never used one but if all you are planning on doing is shooting off of a bench then they should be just fine.  But when you are put into a hunting situation you are going to have to accept the recoil of the rifle and if you are like me you will never feel it when you pull the trigger.

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I have never used one either.

I have never used one either. But will they change the final accuracy of your bullet? Depends. If your gonna carry it with you hunting it shouldn't but I suspect your not gonna do that. So once you have the rifle sighted in well, get off the sled and see where your at. Probably will be a bit of difference. I like the sand bags from socks! Never used socks, I always used old Jean legs. Like the zip lock bag too. I finally did one from jeans like that, worked great. It'll do two things in a sock, it'll keep sand from working thru and keep the sand dry. I have a times let one of my bags get wet and then freeze. Doesn't make a good bag. I got a bunch of old socks, I'm gonna make a few next week! Don't need themmbut then you can never have enought! Great idea!

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I will tell you that I got a

I will tell you that I got a Lead Sled Plus for christmas and my last group from my Savage 111 .30-06 off bags was 1.42" (but there was some crosswind) and the best group I got yesterday off the Sled was .628".


Obviously you cannot use it to hunt but I reload and it seems like it will be great for load development.

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