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Late Season doe antelope and predator success!

Headed out Sat. morning at 5:00 am to get to my hunting area by first light. A year ago I thought late season doe speedgoat would be a shoe in but found they were very spooky and being herded up and seeming to know the property boundary where they were safe didn't offer much help and I ate tag soup on that tag. I had a strategy this year and it worked. Being I hunt coyotes out here and had been to this area a couple times in the last month I found where a large herd was hanging off the beaten path. Got into this area found the herd about 40 strong got to within 250 yds found a clear doe and the Winchester 243 which was called to duty for antelope on this hunt spoke and sent a 100 gr spitzer thru her lungs. Drug her back a mile to the truck and prepared for a day of predator hunting.

First stand I toted my Mossberg and the Remington 30-06 because I wanted to see what the 168 gr berger would do to a yote. I hit the dying rabbit primos handcall for about a half a minute and surprisingly not five minutes later a nice mature bobcat walks out of the tree line 100 yards out into the open looking around. She starts to stalk along stopping to stare at the ground I guess for mice and when she gives me a clear broadside I aim back from the shoulder as I didn't want the Berger to hit bone and expand, I hit a little further back then planned and she jumped straight up (I initially thought I missed and hit under her) ran fifty yards stopped (I was getting ready to shoot again) and flopped over dead. Alright, first stand got a cat and didn't even expect it. The berger didn't expand and left about a quarter sized hole. No fur damage. My 22-250 probably would have done more damage.

Most of the rest of the day I toted my Predator 22-250 and had about four or five more dry stands. I decided to try one more and head home. I was in very open prairie found a small tree about three ft. high and set the call on a cactus about five yards in front of me. I did a sequence of coyote howls, rabbit distress, coyote barks, bird distress, with the fox pro and within 5 minutes catch movement to my right, coyote running along a fence line crosses the fence and is coming in to the caller. The wind is blowing from my back to the right and at about 130 yrds she turns to leave and I figure she must have caught my scent on the wind. She never saw me. I say this is it I got a running shot lead her a yard and the 250 spoke and she dropped. Actually caught her from behind at a walked off 150 yards, but it killed her she was dead when I got to her.

All in all a fun solo day for SoCo.

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Congratulations on a

Congratulations on a successful multi-species hunt.  The bobcat in my opinion is hte real prize of the group.  I'd love to take one. 

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That's a heck of a hunt

That's a heck of a hunt SoCo!  The bobcat is an absolute beauty!  I have run into them twice in the woods, both in the same season.  I didn't have a tag for them, so they just walked away.  Beautiful critters though.

Congrats on the lope too.  Good eating right there!

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Awesome !!!


Great story and super pics ! Congrats on the lope and the predators. Thumbs up

Have you tried eating bobcat yet ? I tried it last year and it was superb !

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Thanks guys!

Elkkill, I definitely would have tried eating some and plan to if I get another. This one being such a nice mature cat I didn't want to jack it up trying to skin it myself so I froze it once I got home. I need to take it to a DOW office to get a seal and I also need to contact a taxidermist in my area to see what I can have done with it. I don't have the money for a full mount but a rug or at the least the pelt tanned for display will be nice. If I would have had the skill and time to properly skin it I would have most definitely fried up some backstrap. I've heard before that Mt. Lion is very good and Bobcat from what you said is as well.

Again, thanks!

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