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Late season Colorado youth cow hunt help.

First off thanks to all the moderators for making this page so informative.  I’ve been lurking and learning since early spring this year. Second, thanks to all the great sportsman out there. I’m active duty military here in Colorado and my son, wife and I have been hunting since the archery opener this year. We had several good chances but just couldn’t close the deal. Got in plenty of learning, beautiful scenery and met some truly great people.  Started off in 82/86 for archery, went in deep and saw plenty of screaming animals.  Best chance was a mature 5x5 at 28 yards with me at full draw just waiting for that last step. He knew the gig was up and we played the staring game for what seemed like eternity. The wife and son had either sex first season tags that resulted in no shots taken as they both wanted to horn hunt only. I turned my sons either sex tag in for a cow tag this past week and we went out to 22. Saw some animals just couldn’t close the deal. One day we ran out of shooting light with 50 head in front of us. Passes started to catch some big snow so we decided to beat feet back east. We have been going out west where the numbers are better but with the passes getting nasty now I really don’t wanna make that drive any more unless it’s our last option.  I’m looking for some help for a cow hunt within 2-3 hours of Colorado Springs. Any help is appreciated as I just wanna get the boy one, he just turned 12 this year and got his first deer and I really would like to grow old and tell the story how he got his first elk the same year also. His tag is good for any open cow hunt in Colorado to include private land.  I’ll gladly trade some sweat equity from me in the form of cutting wood, clearing land, ranch work…you name it. I got horses so I could tend cattle also if needed.  Thanks again to the moderators; I know this must be a lot of work. Merry Christmas!              

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I beleive that tag to be good

I beleive that tag to be good for all the late season hunts in unit 20.  I have some info on those unit if you would like it.  The only problem with the unit it really needs some snow to push the elk herd down to some punlic land.  I have not been uo that way yet this yeat so I am not sure of the snow in RMNP.  A buddy and I each killed a cow in the late january season up there, but we also had a oot more snow.  The public land is not that substanial but there is some good spots to go to.

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Head down to Bosque del Oso

Head down to Bosque del Oso near Trinidad. Great place for late season youth hunt. Hunt west of the river behind the access gates. May take alittle bit to pick through the bulls before you find a cow.

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Welcome to the site, thanks

Welcome to the site, thanks for your service, and good luck getting him on an elk.!!!!

Hope he gets a shot at one!!!

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