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Last year sheep - This year Caribou in Alaska

I fell into this one. Sitting in the airport waiting on my plane and Alaska Airlines comes on and asks if anyone is willing to give up thier seat on an overbooked flight and get a free ticket anywhere they fly. OF COURSE! So now I have a free flight to Alaska. Next day at work I tell my co workers about my good fortune and one of them says he has a brother-in-law in Fairbanks who loves to hunt. Well, he gets me lined up with his BIL and I call. Make a long story short, I'm headed to Alaska in Sept. for a Caribou hunt off the Dalton. This is a working man's hunt not guided. Those of you who saw my posts last fall on Sheep in Idaho know that I am too cheap to pay a guide but the guy I'm going with knows what he is doing so I'm looking forward to a good trip. Won't have the rugged vertical terrain but will have to do a lot of "tussok hopping". Let the workouts begin! Heck, just going to Alaska and driving up to the Arctic Circle is good enough for me, getting a 'bou will be icing on the cake. Thumbs up

Anybody have good advice on hunting caribou this way? I'll be taking both bow and rifle and I know about the 5 mile corridor and how hard it is to do.

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