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Last Longtails of The Season!

Managed to get Kiwi out the last two Sundays, and how opposite they were!

The Sunday before, I put 10+ miles on my boots, so Kiwi prolly did 25-30!  ;D

...and we saw ZERO birds!

This past Sunday, I shoulda had my first limit!  :...she did her part, I just couldn't seal they deal on my end and help her out! We managed to still down three, but lost one. I still added it to my limit though, and we headed home happy & content as could be! :-*

She has a few things to work on, but she sure is coming around allright despite her trainer
[img width=820 height=569]http://i437.photobucket.com/albums/qq99/Pills69_2008/Hunting%202010/P1232662-1.jpg[/img]

She is not too happy with me in the second pic! ;) ...I made her hold this one after a very long sailing retrieve! (She brang it back from WAY out beyond the furthest haybales in the pic! ...but she had got a bit sloppy on a couple of birds recently >:D)
[img width=800 height=600]http://i437.photobucket.com/albums/qq99/Pills69_2008/Hunting%202010/P1232657-1.jpg[/img]

P1232662.JPG2.02 MB
P1232657.JPG3.75 MB
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Sounds like you both had great days. I surely miss pheasant hunting with a good dog. It's a wonderful way to spend a day afield without any doubt. Thanks for sharing the story and photos!  Thumbs up

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I left Greeley about 30yrs

I left Greeley about 30yrs ago. Probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I drove out of there; Wilson Warren w/W.J. Digby, Steinbecker Bros and of course, Monfort Transprotation. Wish I'd have never left! Been thru several times since and boy has it changed. I couldn't find anything there anymore.

Where did you go out of there to find pheasants? I used to go to the mountains hunting Grouse but never hunted pheasants there.

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Hey Don! I normally go out

Hey Don!

I normally go out east of here, pretty much right along the Kansas border, or at least within a few miles. We have had three really good springs, so birds have been doing well. Especially being in this darn desert we live in! So I have beasically hunted our Public Walk-in Access properties between Yuma/Holyoke/Julesburg.


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I really love hunting those

I really love hunting those roosters out in North Dakota every Fall.  Here is a picture of my Deutsch Drahthaar, Hercules (Herc, for short) and a few birds I got with him last year.  He didn't grow his long, wiry muzzle that they are noted for, so he looks just like a GSP.

P1000427.JPG54.57 KB
NDWyoming 2009 014.JPG
NDWyoming 2009 014.JPG155.09 KB
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Nice photos.  Looks like a

Nice photos.  Looks like a good last day of the hunt!

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