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blackbear wrote:

  130 pound class bear being shot with an arrow. They could not find their bear so they asked another hunter in the same camp if they could use his 200+ pound bear to film with the host. He agreed and they filmed it as though it was theirs.

thats just silly, if i were the other hunter I'd tell them to get lost and shoot there own damn bear or atleast go find theres. i know they do some pretty shady stuff on some of those show but this really struck a cord with me for some reason.

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Those things all definitely

Those things all definitely irritate me. Here is another one. I won't name any names, but a woman was bow hunting in Texas, on their own ranch. This 180" whitetail walks past her broadside at around 25 yards. She passes up the shot and says I will get him next year. Next season, same tree stand, here comes this same buck walking past her again. Same path, same stand. She shoots it in velvet and it is like 195". I just can't bring myself to believe that this was a real fair chase hunt like they said it was. There is just something wrong with this picture.

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I was a wildlife biologist in

I was a wildlife biologist in South Texas in the 80's and I flew helicopter census counts with Larry. I've not been in contact with him for years, but I can tell you he's not a phony. He's a good biologist, a good man, and a good hunter. If you've never been out of Nebraska, I would like to see how you hunt whitetails in South Texas using any legal means. I trust it would be an education for you.

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Not intending to insult your friend

When I abreviated NE it was for North East as I hunt in PA, NJ, and NY as I have never been to Nebraska. I would challenge you or Larry to come up here and try hunting on some state game land for some education of your own. I myself have not been to Texas but a lot of guys I hunt with have and it usually consist of them driving around with a guide on a Jeep and jumping out after they see a big one and shooting it. Larry might be a great man, biologist, hunter etc... but he could not shoot to save his life and all the noise and movement he makes setting up his tripod he would never get a round off here where the animals are very nervous and there is tremendous hunting pressure.

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I don't bother with TV hunt shows


I do not watch any hunting or fishing "shows" on TV because of the staged action or the use of fenced in animals.  When I want to watch some real hunt situations I look towards Youtube.  I know some of these are no more than commercials for their fenced-in hunts but many are of just regular hunters like us that want to share their video of a true hunt with no stages.


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Watch OYOA with Randy Newberg

Watch OYOA with Randy Newberg that starts a new run of shows this week and you'll like it a lot as it's the real deal.  For you guys that are knocking the Bucks of Tecamote you might want to do a little investigating before you cut down people.  Those are huge unfenced ranches that they hunt down there in south Texas and if you have never hunted down there I think you should keep your opinions to yourself.  I don't even have a problem if they were highfenced as they are so huge that about the only thing they do is keep unwanted hunters off the properties and allow better genetics to come into play through proper management.  I also have no problem with Larry either, since he's a well known and accomplished biologist who loves to hunt.  I haven't watched that many of his hunts and did not see what you guys mentioned, but I would not care for what you mentioned if it's true.

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Little Details

If you watch these shows pay attention to the little inconsistencies. A lot of time you will see its light out while their aiming but you look at the deer and its almost dark or the way the camera man would have to be postioned in front of him. These little things show that its not live but a reenactment. Further the guys on the Bucks of Tecamote talk on the show about the fact the are high fenced hunts but go onto defend it by saying how vast the land is many of the deer may never see a fence. I don't like high fenced hunting because it limits the variables that define hunting


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Well, yeah.....of course. 

Well, yeah.....of course.  You can't film a guy from in front, talking nice a loudly, while there is a deer or elk standing 30 yards away.  Nobody believes those parts are all real.  They film raw footage of the hunt, and then reenact certain parts of it to polish it off.

That doesn't mean the hunting and shooting of the deer were staged.  Heck, the only one that I know of that is as-is hunting is "Real Hunting" or whatever it's called. 



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High fence hunts

Keep in mind that many of the ranches in Texas that have high fence hunts are 20 or more sections with one high fence. Twenty square miles that is one high fence is different than a ranch with 3 or 4 sections that is one high fence. Also keep in mind that deer in South and West Texas don't migrate the way deer in Colorado or Wyoming do. I agree that a high fence hunt on 20 sections in one of those states does change the "game". Just my thoughts

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Divide and Conquer. You guys

Divide and Conquer.

You guys are giving it to them!!!

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