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lapua 338

Anyone had any experience with this round? Just curious what people thought about?

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It's a good round if you can

It's a good round if you can find factory ammo for it or if you like to reload.  Also finding cases could be a problem.  It is based on the Rigby case.  There are other more common rounds out there that will do just as good and the components to reload them are easier to find. 

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Its a great round perhaps a

Its a great round perhaps a bit better than the 338rum or 338-378.  250gr bullets are usually the top end weight for the twist rate in most factory rifles.  Reloading is a must if you want to shoot a lot and don't want to really rack up the $$$.  Norma and Lapua make brass.  Don't even bother with bullets like a partition, stick to designs more like the accubond.

Hornday probably makes the cheapest factory ammo, with the exception of HSM, but both are kind of hard to get right now due to the increase in the popularity of the cartridge. 

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A british sniper just beat

A british sniper just beat the world record kill shot with a 338 Lapua made by
Accuracy International @ 2475 meters. Not to shabby!

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It is a great round for what

It is a great round for what it was designed for

What are you planning to use it on?

if you want something big just to shoot long range, cheytac 408 or barret 416, both will reach out 2500+ yds with knock down.

good luck

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great round

it is a awsum round 98 bucks for 20 rounds at cabelas you can reload them like i do for around 65 a box i wouldnt trade mine for anything i use it for yots

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