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Lab won't leave my side

I have a 2 year old blk lab, very obedient, great dog, but I cant get him to leave my side. He ventures out ahead of me and then comes right back. It is like he is scared. I also have a 7 year old lab that goes with us and she is awesome, you would think he would follow her but he only goes so far and then comes back! HELP

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Lab won't leave my side

Will he retrieve? I would love it if my dog stayed next to my side! He's usually doing his own thing.

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Lab won't leave my side

Your problem may be that the dog is so obedient that he has be trained not to leave your side. What is the problem? Do you want him to flush birds and he's not or is he not retrieving downed birds?

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Lab won't leave my side

Don't feel too bad. I have a 1yr old Lab that doesn't like the water. It's a good thing she's a family pet and not a hunter.

My son has the father, mother, and brother and they all love the water, but Dakota would rather sit on the bank and bark....

Go figure....

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