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Knives Of Alaska - Who has them and who likes them?

Santa came late!


For Christmas – as a late gift, I got a Knives of Alaska small knife set – this is the “Muskrat – Cub Bear Suregrip Set”…  

These are incredibly nice knives… and well sized, too… I am not a fan of huge knives, these are smaller knives that are dedicated and designed for working on big game animals.


One of the knives is something I have not seen yet, it is rounded out on the end of the blade and is sharp the entire radius of the blade… I am assuming that is for working back and forth under the skin of an animal?


These have a ‘suregrip” handle and also have large holes in the handle end so you could put a leather lanyard or string in each knife.


I have a feeling this set was not cheap – but they are sweet looking… and they came in a nice molded leather carry / storage case.


I have not used these yet – obviously – but so far they get a big “thumbs up”!

Who has used knives from this company - and how did they hold up / how did you like them?



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Wow - Santa LIKES you!

Ok I'm officially jealous of you now! lol

You are going to love these knives.  I don't own a set (despite several attempst to get a set below retail on auction sites during teh last year or so), but I was blessed with teh chance to use a set of them while field dressing my moose.  It is probably enough of an endorsement to tell you that I am looking to buy my own set and think they will be worth the weight to carry with me in the field on any future hunts awat from home for big game.

You are right.  The 'muskrat' knife which is rounded on the end and sharp on both sides is designed for caping and fleshing hides.  Its the tool you will want with you in teh field if you are preparing your trophy's hide for future taxidermy.

I like knives.  I'm one of these guys that goes to a gun show and find myself standing at the knife tables picking up 3 or 4 and just holding them.  i don't need another knife.  I probably could use the knives I already own for the rest of my life without feeling under equipped.  I mean really, how many knives does a guy need.  2 or 3 would just about cover it.  But I have considerably more than two or three.  In fact ,I've begun to branch out into the beauty of damascus steel knives.  Damascus steel is my first choice.  Then old steel - like the thin bladed carbon steel of teh 19th century.  I don't know exactly what property it is but those knives take and hold an edge like nothing made today.  Despite all of this, I want a set of the Knives of Alaska.  They are that good.  Solid rugged tools that you can rely on when you need a tool that is going to do all that you ask of it.

You are defintely on someone's nice side of the naughty or nice list.  They are a great addition to your gear.

And by the way, if you ever decide to part with them....give me a shout.  i think I know someone who just might be interested....  ;)


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Knives of Alaska Alpha wolf fan...

This was my first real hunting knife and other than I'm lukewarm on the name, it's an awesome tool. I've skinned and quartered two elk with mine and only a little touch up after each one. Other than the lower legs everything came off the carcasses with that knife. D2 blade, shape seems about perfect, good balance, non-slip handle, gripping ridges on the spine of the blade, good sheath. Can you tell I like it? Yes I only use it for skinning and breaking down game so I'm hoping to keep it in good shape for a long time. I don't want to have to pony up for another one. I think this one was about $75 a couple years ago. But I think you could spend a lot more and not get a better knife. They aren't a custom handmade knife and don't have that level of detailing and finish but the design and build quality would measure up in the field. I'm thinking you're gonna like your new toys!

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Knives of Alaska

I've got three of 'em and love 'em.  I'm particularly happy with the cub bear.  It's my knife of choice for detail work, and it's been through two brown bears and a wolf.  It holds an edge well, touches up quick, and is so precise it's like using a scalpel.  This really gets important when you're skinning out a skull in the field.

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wish I did

I've know about them for years, don't own any though.  Most of their line is made from D2 steel which is a WWII era tool grade steel.  Likely the most resistant to staining and rusting of all the carbon (non-stainless) steels.  D2 is very tough with good wear resistance. Many people experience that D2 can be a bit difficult to sharpen.  I only assume it's because of this steel's high wear resistance, but it is a great steel for tough outdoor knife blades and will hold a mean edge.

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