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Kimber Ultra Carry II


I recently lost my Colt Officers Model 45 ACP to theft - I purchased it new somewhere around 1989 or 1990 so to say it was a part of me was a vast understatement.

I want to replace it and I have a buddy that works at a gun store.

He says the Kimber Ultra Carry II is the closest to what I lost and that the construction, machining and slick action make this one of the finest 1911 style pistols out there.

Great thing is that I am in a position to do some horse trading with him and perhaps get it without putting a lot of $$ into it.

I immediately thought of replacing it with a Colt - but he says the money is better spent on the Kimber.





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I can't speak to performance,

I can't speak to performance, but I can say it is a sweet looking gun.  I have considered a Kimber myself so I will be interested in what others have to say.

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Kimber is known for putting

Kimber is known for putting out one of the best 1911s on the market.  Listen to your buddy...he knows what he's talking about.  When I finally get around to buying my 1911, it's going to be a Kimber.

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Sorry to disagree but I

Sorry to disagree but I prefer the Colt. I have nothing against Kimber just have always been a Colt guy.

Let us know what you get and a range report to go with it if you can. 1911's are by far my favorite platform to use and carry.


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Kimber 1911

Hey Jim,

Sorry to hear about somebody stealing your firearm.  Any firearm stolen is awful, let alone one you've had for that long.

That being said, a buddy of mine bought a Colt 1911, I think more so for the name, and he isn't 100% happy with it.  He got me into wanting to get a 1911 and I did my research and narrowed it down to Kimber.  I went with the Kimber Stainless ii and that was a combination of cost and look in comparison to the Raptor.  Regardless, both of them shoot great and are very well made 1911's.  I can only speak on the guns I have shot, and when I compare the way my friends Colt shoots compared to how I shoot my Kimber, I would take the Kimber. 

Funny thing to add, my friend with the Colt shoots his other friends Raptor better than his Colt, so I think if he ends up buying a second 1911, I am pretty sure he will go with a Kimber.

Lets us know what you do and hope it all works out.


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