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Kill it and grill it party!

Had our annual kill it and grill it party this weekend. It's a bunch of local guys off our local website out here.

It was some awesome eats again this year, including......

Pheasant Curry
Javalina Pasta
Antelope Sausage
Elk burgers
Duck chili
Bacon wrapped ducks
Pig ribs
Venison tenderloin
Venison chili

Thats just what I ate, and probably missing something else.............

And, I haven't killed a big game animal in 8+ years. Good thing I have nice friends....lol

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great eatin

Wow!  What a fun sounding party!  Had you tried all those wild game animals before?  I've heard many guys say that they were brought up to eat anything you shot.  I have been pretty good about eating most everything I've shot but certainly not all.

Years ago when I lived in Utah, I put on a "Big Game Dinner" once a year at our church.  It would attract between 100 and 150 guys each year and we'd do pretty much what Vermonster did.  I would fix one main entree of some wild meat, (usually deer) and then we'd have an assortment of other things to try.  One guy brought in some white looking meat and labeled it: "Rattlesnake, tastes a lot like chicken".  Come to find out, it really was chicken but it was fun watching how people were afraid to try it.  It was a dinner that men looked forward to each year.  We would hang a bunch of animal trophies around the room and I brought in someone to speak every year.  It was a great time.

I taught in an alternative high school for quite a few years and during that time, I fixed the kids in my class a plethora of different wild game.  They were usually up for trying anything.  Over the years I fed them buffalo steak and buffalo heart, venison, elk, bear, squirrel, rattlesnake and even rocky mountain oysters.  Yes, they ate the oysters, especially the girls.  My hunting buddy in Eastern Washington kills several rattlesnakes every year and he'd freeze them for me.  I took them to school, let some kids skin them and tan the hides and then we'd cook and eat them.  Sorry to say, but they do taste a lot like chicken.

I guess I need to get some of my hunting buddies together and do something like this again.  I usually have some venison in the freezer and some of my friends have taken other animals.  It's always fun to share the food and good times with fellow hunters.  And it's a good way to introduce some non-hunting friends to some great tasting wild meat.

Thanks for sharing Vermonster.

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Holy Cow, Vermonster - if you

Holy Cow, Vermonster - if you ate all of that, you must have just taken small samples. That's quite an assortment of game recipes there!

There wasn't anything on that list that I'd hesitate to try; I've often said that my favorite meal is FOOd. :yes:  And my waistline shows it, too. Just told the wife today that I'm going to have to start cutting way back on the sugars and starches again to shed some pounds before heading out west this fall.

That's the great thing about wild game - it packs lots of protein for good energy without a lot of fat. Although if you roll it, wrap it, fry it or whatever in enough other stuff, you haven't gained much (or maybe you have). lol

My buddy who is currently in Florida says he's bringing me back some Blackfin Tuna that he caught. He says it's much better than canned tuna when boiled, flaked and mixed with mayo. Plus, it's big enough that you can cut it into steaks and grill it. Sounds great to me!

One of my favorite dishes to bring to a wild game dinner is "Walleye Pinwheels" (perch also works if you don't have walleye). I (gently) boil the fish, then flake it apart and mix it into cream cheese, shredded yellow cheese and jalepeno so that it becomes a spreadable mixture. If it's too thick, just microwave it slightly to make it easier to spread. You can also add chopped green onions or whatever else you want into the mixture (use your imagination). Spread this on tortillas and roll them up. Slice them crossways so that you end up with round pinwheels. I usually vary the amount of jalepeno to make mild, medium and hot batches. You can also make a "fire" batch by adding hot sauce to the mixture before spreading. Be sure to label the plates so your guests will know what they're getting into. Thumbs up


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The only one that I had not

The only one that I had not tried was the Javalina.  It was really good though.  They had done it up with enough spices, so it was really tasty.

Sounds like you have had a few good cookouts too. Thumbs up

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Sound like a great time for

Sound like a great time for everyone to get together like that. I've pretty much eaten everything  on that list in some form or another. Except for that cheesecake thing at the bottom of the list I'll have to do a google search on that one. lol

That sounds like a pretty good fish recipe Jaybe I'm gonna have to give that one a try.

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Sounds like a good time and good friends

Sounds like a good time and good friends J

What is a Wahoo?  Is that a fish?  Around here we have a shrub we call a Wahoo bush.  I’ve never heard of a Wahoo animal.  My local fish and game club has an annual game supper free for the members and their families.  It is honestly the best part of belonging to the club.  Since it is an all you can eat dinner and lets me try things like caribou and elk that I have never had the opportunity to hunt for myself (yet).

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Yes, wahoo is a fish.  It's

Yes, wahoo is a fish.  It's sort of looks like a barracuda, but bigger, meaner, and alot tastier.  It's one of the best eating fish in the ocean.

It usually isn't caught up here near San Diego.  You have to go a little south along the mexican coast to get them, but they run long range trips here year round, so they are always available.

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